Swimming Pool

Resort has 2 pools, one large enough to swim, play water ball and small pond for fishes / Aquaculture

Walk Ways

All the areas of the resort are covered with the specially designed walk ways especially for senior citizens. The walk ways have small stones and pebbles for Acupressure therapy. The walk ways are lighted in the night to avoid any incidents



Organic Farming

Most of our dishes are from the crops grown at resort itself, we have our own organic kitchen garden


At ambadip, we serve the best of local and seasonal dishes at the central dining hall. We offer variety of dishes with specialty in Kolhapuri Tambda Rassa and Pandhra Rassa. The dining hall is well equipped with a Library consisting all the books related to local history, geography and many more

Jungle Safari

We have a tie up with the local people who offer Safari’s to near by places. The safari’s have jeeps with the option to sit on top to enjoy the view. Safari’s include Pavankhind fort, Dudhsagar Dam, Vishalgadh fort darshan, various views of Amba ghat, Chandoli national park and many more…

Open Space

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